What I need

It’s not always easy to admit, but what we are looking for is the fulfillment of some kind of need. And not a need like, I need a new pair of shoes,” but a need like I need to feel the way that I will feel when a certain person sees me wearing a new pair of shoes.” Be it buying shoes or trying to get a piece of work done, the drive is this fulfillment. It is, at its core, emotional and energetic. We have a hard time wrapping our brains around this. Partly because it’s so hard to describe, let alone measure, but partly because to acknowledge it would be to acknowledge that we have needs. But it’s the most basic thing. So basic, it’s easy to forget how true it is.

From one need to the next, we live. This is what it is to be alive. Kind of awesome, right?

February 15, 2019