Knowing what to do when can be hard. Some people make it look effortless, as if there is a plan that they are enacting, one step at a time. Is it something that comes with practice? A skill? Perhaps it’s simply a type of person1. Perhaps it just looks like they are doing it2. What I’ve learned, is that often what needs doing when it’s unclear what to do next is to wait. Sure, maybe this means that I’m spending more time waiting than I’d like. Certainly, it means that our fast moving figure it out at all costs culture has some things to say to (and about) me. But it’s generally worked out. I enjoy things more. And things turn out better. That is, as long as I can actually stop and wait. That’s the trick. Distracting myself isn’t the same thing. The waiting often requires boredom, which can be quite a beast. But that’s for another time. In the mean time, what’s the saying?

Don’t do something! Just stand there!

  1. This is actually my working theory at the moment.

  2. A close second.

April 3, 2019

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