It started a week ago. We got a rather surprise blast of snow. It stopped pretty much everything. Going too far from home was tricky. And, they said, it turned out we were just getting started. They were right. By the next weekend, the city was under about 6 inches of snow. This, in many places, is a part of life. They call it winter.” Not Seattle. No, we don’t get this. It’s bananas. Especially in February. If it was going to snow in February, we probably would have had snow in November or December. Instead, we had temperatures in the 60s in those months. It’s strange. But it’s here. And it might keep going for a few more days.

It’s been pretty nice, actually, to have things stopped. To not be able to go anywhere. To slow down. To read. To play cards (we never play cards). To talk. To play in the snow with our dog. Sometimes we’re told to take care of these things. Sometimes we have to make space for them. How often do we do that? Probably not often enough.

February 11, 2019

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