Real quick….

I’m kind of acquiring a number of things to spend more time writing about. This time, it’s a reflection on the role of ceremony and initiation in the creation of a meaningful life. Once again, I find myself influenced by Charles Eisenstein, as well as his occasional dialogue partner, Orland BIshop. In the recent discussions between them that I’ve been listening to, they’ve talked about how important initiation is to the full liberation of the creative potential within a person. Any person.

In a new essay, Eisenstein writes about how ceremony can help us move into a life that is full of a greater spirituality. I’m struck by his distinction between ritual and ceremony. It has me re-thinking my own definition of ritual.

Ok. That’s about all I have for the moment. I’m going to prioritize digging more deeply into all of this soon.

May 15, 2019

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