Rainbow - #NaPoWriMo Day 2

A book you read once let you
think in rhyme.
To be free of structure began to
feel like crime.

When free thought was
the thinking mind
tripped, floundered.

Imagining a day would come
where rhythm and rhyme
could be undone

became a fantasy
desired, for the labor left
you beat and exahusted.

Thanks to Page Hamilton


Undone - #NaPoWriMo22 Day 1

Work that’s never complete
—until, like the last
breath, it is. One day.—
Painting a bridge.
Cleaning that fence.
Tending to a loved one.
Rising in the east, setting
in the west.
Season after season after . . .


Cringe and do it anyway

Yesterday I installed a new app on my Mac. It’s something I do on occasion, test out an app that I read about on the interwebs. This one is called One Thing, and it’s a simple utility that lets you put some text up in your menu bar. I thought it seemed kind of fun, and thought I’d give it a go.

I had no idea what I’d put in it when I first installed it. You can set up a shortcut to put the most currenly due item from your Reminders list if you want. But I don’t do to-do stuff (hard to not make a do-do-dodo joke here) on my computer. Instead, I put a quote that came from Steven Pressfield’s email this morning. It said:


I was amused by that for the first couple of meetings I had this morning. Up in the corner of my screen in a kind of neon green were those words. It made me smile.

Then I was in a meeting with my colleague and one of our clients. During the meeting, the client talked about a process that her team isn’t a huge fan of. It’s one that we have introduced, and we can see how it makes the team closer. Our client mentioned that they don’t really like it, but it’s good for them. And my partner said, Well, cringe and do it anyway.”

I loved this idea.

When the meeting was over, I changed the text in the menu bar.

And then I went about my work. Until.

Until I hit an item on my to-do list that I just did not want to do. I spun a bit. I opened Facebook. I closed Facebook. I checked the news. I checked email. I hit refresh on my email.

And then I looked at the top of my screen:

Cringe and do it anyway.

I laughed. And I took a breath. And I did the thing.

Now it’s done and I don’t need to do it again until next year (can anyone say taxes’?).

There’s something to this.

It’s nice to have some words to kick me in the pants…especially when they weren’t intended for that.

  1. I’d share a link about this, but I can’t find it. Google it if you want to know more.↩︎



The only way out is through1.

This, of course, is a hard truth to stomach. When the going gets tough, finding a solution — usually something that we can do that will solve the problem — makes a ton of sense. The thing is, if the thing to do is to be presenet with some seriously difficult stuff, well, that’s where it gets tricky.

And there’s no way around. It says it right there, in the saying:

The only way out is through.

There’s more to say about this, to be sure. And there’s really not that much of a point, as just grocking this can take a lifetime.

I can attest from experience.

  1. Doing some research on the origin of this overused, but quite accurate, piece of advice led me to [this Quora page]](https://www.quora.com/Who-said-the-only-way-out-is-through?share=1) which attributes it to Dante, Robert Frost, Shakespear, and The Swamp Thing, among others.↩︎



What are yours?

(I’ll tell you mine if you…)

It’s all too easy for me to assume that by posting (or not posting) I fulfill some kind of quota. And sometimes a quota is what you need. Merlin Mann sometimes says that what you need to do is sit down at the keyboard and make the clicking sound.” I’ve heard others say that if you show up, so will the muse.

Mostly, I think it’s about creating rhythm, and figuring out how that aligns with what the world needs from you. That’s what I’m finding my way to.

And, man, do my expectations get in the way1.

  1. I’d hate to tell you how many different words were scrapped on the way to this quote fulfillment.↩︎



Sometimes I worry that I get so caught up in thinking about the challenges of the world (or of the folks that I’m supporting in one way or another) tha I forget about joy.

J O Y !

It’s that (often allusive) visitor that reminds us that being alive is kind of great. That points out that we only get one go at this life, and that at its heart lies this thing called pleasure. Oh…pleasure! that’s another one that’s easy to forget.

Pardon me while I find joy in this rain.