Letting go

I’ve started to let go of some of the things I’ve been measuring. It’s become clear that the goal of getting to the measurement has been trumping the original intent of the thing to begin with. The most recent example is meditation. I have this great meditation app, Insight Timer, that allows one to keep tabs on how many days in a row they have meditation, how long, etc. It’s a great tool for building the habit, and becoming a mediator. I mostly wanted to use it to re-commit to a practice that’s been with me for years. But something shifted in the last year. The goal of getting the consecutive days somehow became more important than the mediation itself. It’s a funny kind of irony.

This morning it hit me: let it go. Just let the idea of a need to measure vanish into thin air. What a relief. There are other things that I’m letting go of, as well. It’s nice to feel those subtle weights lift.

January 25, 2019

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