I didn’t need a gulp.

This is good, honey,” my wife said to me, looking up from her phone. You didn’t need a gulp.”

I posted something up to LinkedIn today. Well, I posted a blog up to my website. Then I posted a link to it on LinkedIn. It was in the LI post that I put the gulp. I said something about it being edgy to post something (which was true), and then added the gulp about how I’d done it. You know…something like, I’m posting something edgy. You can find it here. Gulp.”

The thing is, she’s right. I didn’t need the gulp. The gulp actually takes away from the power of the piece I wrote. Some people won’t read it because of the gulp. I’m sure of that. So…lesson learned.

I don’t need a gulp. Just a breath.

September 20, 2018

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