Give it a hand

I was writing in my journal entry earlier about how my head (read: my brain) seems to mostly get in the way when it comes to getting creative. That creativity comes from a place that’s more adjacent to the experience of the present moment. A place that’s more vulnerable. So, I found myself writing: what if I let my hand do the writing? Funny thing to say, eh? It’s not as if my mind (or my foot, for that matter) is doing any of the actual writing. But what I meant was, what if I wrote with the part of myself that is as close the thing as possible. My hand holds the pen. It rests on the paper, feels its temperature. In this moment, my two hands are in contact with the keys (and casing) of my keyboard. It’s as close as they can get. What happens if I let that part lead? Who the hell knows. Only one way to.

March 24, 2019