Gisele - NaPoWriMo Day 6

Needles mark more than
the arms of the addict,
scarring the souls of loved
ones — offspring get it
the worst.
A cry for help, unheeded
in a world where disease is
mistaken for a character
flaw. The child doesn’t
deserve this. At eight
months old only one soul
saw her eyes as beautiful,
together they are pictured,
one with the love for new
life beaming, the other
likely scarred for life,
concerned as if the
future is laid out bare for
her. No, this love can
heal the wounds, wounds
caused by the lack of
care, the dismissing of
a traumatized life.
This fostering is for us
all. Gisele will heal for
us, as us. Growing into
a world that prioritizes
each other.
We have no other choice.

April 6, 2019 · poems

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