Funny the way it is

I woke up this morning to a lot of space in front of me. Space to put the finishing touches on a slide deck for a client. Space to go to the gym. To read some. To enjoy an early afternoon cup of coffee. To play my guitar, probably.

In one fell swoop it slipped away. The finishing touches would have to wait as the client asked for a change. Minor, it seemed, but it had ripple effects. The dentist appointment in the middle of the day ended up putting the crunch on things, rather than being the thing that had me near the spot where I’d have the cup of coffee.

Funny how that is. The day unfolded very differently than I’d expected. And, I was reminded, I should make sure I get enough. I got frustrated at the end. Took a bit of it out on my wife. I learned after eating dinner that, oh, I didn’t eat enough today.

Funny lessons today. Funny day.

December 18, 2018