An emerging foundation

There’s an element of understanding that precedes an integrated knowing. It’s ephemeral. It’s mysterious and will slip away if gripped too tight (or if it perceives a desire for gripping). It visits over our shoulder, and whispers in our ear. It is the future calling. It’s quiet and subtle. It requires a calm mind, an inner presence, and a peaceful heart. It isn’t interested in your agenda, and so it may be hard to perceive if you’re too focused on one thing. Especially if that one thing doesn’t serve. It becomes clear and manifests as knowing through action. Action that serves. Action that may not be comfortable. It may well feel like a risk. It will require courage. It’s something new.

This came this morning. I’m putting it here with (almost1) no changes. I’m not exactly sure what it means, but it feels real. It feels like it’s a part of what I’m trying to get to through my writing, through my work. Through my life. I’m going to allow myself to continue to explore what’s in it. I just wanted to share it.

  1. Let’s be honest: there are some changes.

January 23, 2019

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