Hi there. I’m Greg. I started to post to this site in the middle of September, 2018 as an experiment. I was prompted into this by Seth Godin1. What began as an experiment has proven to be a practice - one I’m finding a lot of benefit in.

As for other things about me, I’m a coach, facilitator, partner, guide, and whatnot. I work with folks in and out of organizations, supporting the development of leadership, helping teams be more effective, and the like. I primarily work with my colleague Shannon. You can find us over at connectionworks.com.

About what you’re likely to find here…well, it’s essentially a bit about what I’m thinking about on any given day. Sometimes it’s a personal exploration or inquiry, sometimes it’s a learning. A perceptive. Sometimes it’s a poem.

My hope in putting it out there is simple: perhaps it resonates with you. Maybe it doesn’t. That’s fine. If it does, I’d love to know that. You can hit me up at greg [at] gregorybflynn [dot] com. Or you can at” me: @gregorybflynn on the Twitter and the Instagram. If you can find my cell number, feel free to call or text.

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  1. If you aren’t familiar with him, I’d recommend checking him out.