A few thoughts on beauty

The beauty of life lives within its messiness. It’s in the spaces between our most put together, polished selves that we find the connections to spirit, to love, to our souls. It’s in the spaces where tears well in the eyes or our breath is shortened. It’s in the spaces where our voices quiver, where words can begin to fail. All of this is a doorway to the expansiveness of our potential, to the full expression of our being — our hearts. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of perfection that’s handed to us by the dominant culture. That’s broadcast into our homes, that’s on the billboards we drive by every day, that looks at us from the magazine covers at the grocery store check stand. I’ve fallen for this my whole life in some ways. Every day I find myself having to carve out a bit more of this toxic injection. It’s why the work of feeling what’s happening in our bodies, in our hearts, is so critical. To feel is to experience, to experience is to begin to know. To know is to recognize what is happening between and before us. This is the mighty work of the sacred.

Deep bow.

April 1, 2019

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