Today I got good news. It was—quite frankly—unexpected. The reason it was unexpected was—quite frankly—because of a deep rooted story that I had (have?) about myself.

What’s funny (though not funny) is that I’d written the thing off as something that I really don’t want anyway.” You know that kind of teenage too-cool-for-school attitude.

Though, to be fully transparent, even on this side of the good news, that’s true to an extent.

Ok, so the story was hiding behind this attitude. Really, the belief was running the show.

I can tell because of the way the news felt in my body when I received it.

I can also tell because of the barrage of the other stories that flooded my mind (and body) in the moments following receiving the news.

What’s the point here? I’m not entirely sure other than, perhaps, that if we pay attention, we can learn a lot about what’s happening for and within us.

There’s a lot to notice.

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