Living Questions

What happens when we try to step into the answer of a question? What kind of thoughts, insights, ideas, knowledge, creativity emerges from the process of living into a question?

It’s been a while since I’ve done the write-every-day thing. A long while. It’s funny, this 18 months of pandemic, work-from-home, have a less structured life thing has led to less writing than the previous year-and-a-half had. I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The way that the pandemic (as well as other national and global occurances) has turned things on its head has created the perfect opportunity for things to come a bit unglued.

And boy did they do that for me. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to process all of that here (well, not directly anyway — or consciously). What I’m interested in is getting back into the groove of daily posting1 if only to get back into the groove of writing. I’m going to put things here, on liberat.es since it’s a place that is (and has been) about the more raw, unfiltered stuff. I’ll try to do bigger pieces and bring the more polished stuff over to my primary blog on my webiste. That place will house things that are directly related to my coaching and facilitation work.

So, back to the first couple of sentences up there ⬆️. What about them? What about the questions?

At the heart of it, this is what I feel the writing I want to do is about. Hell, it’s what the work I want to do is about. We’re on a journey together in this life. The journey is taking us somewhere — where that is is a big mystery. Indeed, it’s probably not to just one place. All we can really know is that we have today in front of us — hell, more specific, this moment. Which means, in a lot of ways, that each moment is about stepping into a question: what happens now? And now? And now?

Sure, we can predict. Hell, we can even seem to know. But does that really matter? I suppose I’m interested in writing as another form of meditation. A meditation that leads to something new. Something surprising.

We’ll see.

  1. Well…mostly daily, anyway. I suppose it’s possible, if not likely, that it will end up being not quite daily. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.↩︎

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