Everything’s a conversation

Walk out your front door. What do you experience?

Accept a job offer. How does your life unfold?

Ignore your partner’s text. What happens next?

Years ago, I had a teacher who talked about how our entire lives are essentially conversations with the world. We engage — through behavior, words — and the world responds. It’s a question and answer process. Sometimes we do the asking, sometimes we do the answering. We can think of each of our actions and inter-actions as an ongoing, unfolding conversation.

What is the conversation that you are in at this moment? How has it changed from year to year? Decade to decade? What are you learning? What new knowledge are you helping to create?

And then there’s the kicker1, who is it that we are really having the conversations with anyway?

Does it matter?

  1. Well, a kicker anyway.↩︎

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