Letting go of another sort

Sometimes, when I find myself with an idea to write about, I go back to the archives of this here blog dealeo and take a look to see if there’s a post from the past couple of years about that very thing. Sometimes there is. Like this one.

I had to laugh a little when I opened it and read its two short paragraphs. I laughed, not because it was really about what I wanted to write about today. No, I laughed because it was a lesson I’d forgotten over the last two years. One that I needed a reminder about. At the very least, all of this is worth it for that.

Ok, so what did I want to write about? Well, a different sort of letting go. I’m not going to get overly specific here, as I’m still thinking about this, but I wanted to get some thoughts down here. Sometimes, we get into things — be they hobbies or activities, groups, clubs, memberships, professions, etc. We get into them for a reason, a reason that has tons of legitimacy. And sometimes we stay in that thing, even as the reason shifts. Sometimes the reason shifts for us and keeps us in the thing. It could be a bowling league, a therapy group, a job. It really doesn’t matter.

But then things shift in a way that can make us wonder about our reasoning1. Is this for me? Or for you? For service? For adulation? Is it just a habit?

Or has the thing just morphed in a way we can’t quite see yet, requiring us to morph, or our relationship to the thing to morph2? This means that a shift isn’t about endings but about transformation. Or, maybe, transmutation.

Either way, a letting go is essential. It’s easy to think of a letting go as being about endings. About losing something. About not having that thing anymore. And that’s true. Letting go is about those things. Yet, from this angle, at least where I sit, it’s about more. It’s about reimagining from multiple perspectives. It’s about inner and outer shifts. Shifts in such a way that loss is the last thing on your mind because you have just gained something. Ending is irrelevant because of the beautiful new beginning.

Letting go can be about, well, receiving.

Yes. That’s what I was needing to hear.

  1. I know. I’m betraying one of my cardinal rules’ — to use I’ language. I’m generalizing here. It’s not to avoid responsibility, I assure you. It’s because I’m still sorting this out in my head, as I said, and it’s easier for me to do this in a more general sort of way. Carry on.↩︎

  2. So, this is a great example of what putting this stuff down does for me. I had no idea that this would come through. And this is a lesson for me to ponder.↩︎

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