Voices and things to say

It’s easy to think of the voice as something that one just has. That what sounds like you in writing is just what comes out of the fingers when, well, when you write something. But, no. That’s not really how it works. The voice takes time to cultivate. It takes experimenting. It takes looking for the ways that words stack up in the way that you would stack them up.

I’m beginning to think that it’s that exploration that makes, even, for the very thing that a person has to say. And by beginning to think,’ I meant that quite literally. I just had that thought as my fingers were moving across this keyboard, as I typed those words.

I wrote in this space a fair amount over the last two plus years. What’s interesting (to me, anyway) is that I have slowed way down in the writing department as this pandemic has dragged on. There are a number of reasons for this, but they aren’t really important. What I’m trying to do here and now is reach back, because in reaching back, I feel like I can connect — at least a bit — to the voice that I had been in touch with. Today I tried to write some stuff, and the voice sounded off. And I got stuck. And I was like, yeah, of course. This isn’t mine to say.’

So I stopped.

But I was committed to reconnecting to the voice. It’s here in some ways. The question is, can it help me get back to the things to say. I know they are in here. I’m looking to connect to them.

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