As intended

Well, things didn’t quite go the way I had intended them to this morning. So, I didn’t get in the writing practice that I’d hoped. That doesn’t mean that I can’t write — for the first time in a while — here. Of course, normally I would have done this earlier today. I guess you could say that the afternoon didn’t go the way I’d intended. I’m okay with that. The important thing, they tell me, is being here, at the keyboard, making, as Merlin Mann might say, the clicking sound.

I’m committing myself more to some practices, which means that my mornings have a bit less space in them than I might prefer1. But the practices — meditation, and the stretching of my body — are important to me. They are shifting things, making things more doable. And, hey, who couldn’t use a bit more doable’ in these pandemic times?

So things don’t go the way we intend. Like, for example, 2020. It sucks. It can feel like we’ve failed at something. Sometimes we have (for the record, we haven’t failed at 2020. Well, I suppose some folks have2). But usually that’s not the case. So we move on. Into, for example, 2021. It’s coming.

Let’s take a breath together.

  1. They have less space in them than I might prefer also because of my dog. It’s less than ideal, but I really wouldn’t change it.

  2. Don’t click on that unless you want to be exposed to the tweets of the 45th President. You’ve been warned.

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