What I might have written about

When I’m quiet, that’s when the
truth emerges. A clear sky, the clouds like white
Underneath, a little gray house,
the azaleas
red and bright pink. ~ Louise Glück

I wanted to write this whole thing about silence and quiet and how my phone is poisoning my ability to find either. And I couldn’t quite find it. The internal noise is maybe a bit too much right now.

So, instead, I’m just reflecting on the above poem, by the recent winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Congratulations, Louise. The truth of what she’s pointing to is so connected to what it is that I find myself looking for. That quiet. To be that silent.

To see the whole world, in entirety.

Going to go on a limb and cross-post this to Substack. Curious what happens. Only one way to know

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