The conversation we’re already in

Get it right, Flynn. These words better count. They better make a difference. They better be the thing the world has been waiting for. Oh, and the next ones as well — change the world!

No pressure there.

I have to remind myself every day that I’m on a step-by-step journey. That we all are. Anything we do will have the impact it has. That’s about it. Sometimes that impact is a big impact. Sometimes it’s nil as they say in places that use the term nil’. No way to know before hand1.

My friend and teacher Jesse used to say that everything we do is a question we ask of the world. And everything that happens after is a response. In this way, we are in a conversation with all of existence. Is this any different? Could it be?

Engaging in the conversation is what matters. Of course, the conversation has to be two way to be useful. And if not useful, than at least interesting. Hell if it can’t at least be interesting, then let’s move on. We all have Instagram to check.

So, let’s make it two way. Care to try?

Going to go on a limb and cross-post this to Substack. Curious what happens. Only one way to know

  1. Sure. There are times you can know. But let’s be honest, they’re rare, right? That’s what I thought.

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