This morning I found myself reflecting on a reality that I’ve been wanting to deny: fall is here. That means darker, shorter days. It means wetter days. It means colder days. I’ve long said that one of my favorite days of the year is the winter solstice, because starting that day, each day gets a little bit longer. But the fall, well I’ve always thought of it as a season to just get through.

Part of what I’ve been reflecting on is how, if anything, this desire to get through’ a full 25% of the year is a symptom of my disconnection from the natural cycles of things. Everything moves in cycles. At least, everything that naturally occurs within the world. The seasons are maybe some of the most tangible cycles that we can experience, so it would make sense that they might be a place to notice where we are out of sync.

And why wouldn’t we be? We’ve built a world that is all about being out of sync. Indeed, it’s a world that promises to sell you back the experience of being in sync1. I could write on and on about this, but don’t have time before dinner.

I think my point here is that the seasons can be a finger pointing at a greater truth: being in sync with the natural rhythms of the world is life-giving. And so what does this say about my (our) relationship with life? What might we do differently? How might we begin to adjust this relationship?

To start, I’m going to take a breath and try to appreciate this fall. Not try to get through it; to experience it.

With gratitude.

  1. N’Sync. Lol.

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