No bright siding here

The world feels like it’s coming to an end. It really does. And perhaps it is. They say1 that the world is always ending and beginning again. We’ve had many an apocalypse. Many in a lifetime. Perhaps this is just one. Who knows. Regardless, it sure as hell feels like it’s coming to an end. At least to me[^2].

I could list all of the things compounding to make it feel as if there is an ending approaching, but that feels like it would just be redundant. I’ll just name the most recent thing: smoke. It blankets our city, and has for nearly a week. I haven’t been able to enjoy a walk in a while. And I’m one of the lucky ones. My house still stands. My friends and family are healthy and safe. I have income.

Here’s the thing: yes, it feels like the world is ending. And that’s okay. I’m good with feeling that. I’m going to feel it as best I can while it’s here. I’m not going to push it away or search for the silver lining or the silver bullet (to, you know, feel better). I’m going to just let it be here as long as it needs be.

Imagine if we could just feel it all. What might that give us?

  1. Lucky for me, I’m the one writing this, so I get to make any declaration that I’d like.

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