Good, useful mistakes

I just wrote these words in my journal:

I just want to make some good, useful mistakes.

They were written on the heels of a sort of freestyle poem — a poem I doubt will see the light of day. It’s a bit self-pitying if I’m being honest. But the end result was that statement up there.

Good, useful mistakes.’

What does that mean? I’m not 100% sure, even though it was my hand, under the direction of what I assume was my mind, that wrote it. Here’s my take: Try things. Throw things up on the wall. Fail. Fail hard and fast. Each mistake has the potential to steer us toward where we’re heading.

And where is that?

Toward the questions that occupy our life. Toward even better questions than those.

Keep moving. Don’t stop — except to rest. Rest is critical.

Every mistake is good. Every mistake is useful.

Let’s make them.

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