Follow the body, but not the body

The way into what’s on my mind at the moment doesn’t seem clear. Indeed, writing quickly at a little after 7 on a full (though not overfull) Monday probably plays a role. I suppose, like most things, the way in is in the body. What is mine telling me? To move slowly. To take a pause. To not let the mind lead the way.

For that’s one of the main things I’ve been exploring — how can I release the reactions I have that are habitual, and step into a more grounded approach to things? The body lets me know, but not at first. The first reaction in my body is quite reactive, actually. It takes some breathing and slowing down to come into contact with a more connected way forward.

So what is the relationship between the body’s initial reaction, and the path that brings the most harmony — which is known by how it feels in the body? That’s a question for me to sit with.

To, as they say, feel into.

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