We thought the pandemic would define the era

And it could; but we must not let it. Indeed, the pandemic is massive. It’s a huge event that is having impacts around the world the will echo for years — decades — do come. That said, I think the frame we need to see emerge is that the pandemic became the context in which the defining moment of our era emerged. The moment that white supremacy was laid to rest.

Who could have imagined as we began to realize the impact of COVID-19 on our society that we would be confronted with the brutality of white supremacy on Black bodies so directly? I suspect that Black communities could have predicted this. I know I didn’t. That said, here we are. It’s right in front of us. Our job is clear.

Stand with Black communities. #BlackLivesMatter

Donate to Black organizations.

Buy from Black owned business.

Read Black authors.

Get to work.

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