Things that invite a slow down, pt. 1

Om Malick posted some photos the other day under the title Unseen is what fuels the imagination. I couldn’t agree more. But I noticed something else in his photos — what I truly like about them1. I noticed that they slow me down.

Seeing images that are shrouded, where there is mystery — which I think is a big driver of imagination — forces one to move more slowly. Think about how you drive in the fog. Well, how you should drive in the fog. The mystery that lies just beyond our sightline tells us to move more slowly. These photos invite me to slow down in my thinking, in my movement. I scrolled slower. I stayed with each photo longer than I generally do.

And perhaps there’s a direct connection to slowing down and the imagination. Can we dream at the spead of information?

I’m not so sure.

  1. Indeed, these are the kinds of photos that I like to take, though mine are no where near as good.

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