What does it mean to be helpful? How wide of a reach do we need to have in order to have the largest possible impact?

It’s interesting — there is this desire for a broad reach. To get to as many folks as possible. I saw a post on LinkedIn that said something like, I wasn’t getting the reach I wanted until I started commenting on people’s posts and writing my own posts. Then I went from a few hundred connections to 2 million. That’s how you do it!” I suppose if we have an audience of 2 million, a lot of folks can hear our message. But does trying to get to that audience size allow us to have the biggest impact we can really have?

I’m beginning to feel like the place for the most impact is in the small group. The intimate space. Over time. It doesn’t necessarily scale — but it might be more long lasting. Depth over span.

Quality. Not quantity.

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