A wee bit more on hope

Will we have a vaccine? When?

When will we feel safe enough to go back into a restaurant?

When will we feel safe enough to go to a concert? To get our hair cut? To hug a friend?

What about the schools. Surely they must reopen in the fall.


These are all real — and reasonable — questions.

Thing is, we don’t know the answers to them. We don’t. No one does.

This brings me back to hope. Is what we need to hope for these things? Hope the kids can go back to school. Hope we get that vaccine in a year or less. Hope we can hug a friend before having a meal at a restaurant. We can, but what does that do for us?

Nadia Bolz-Weber does a beautiful job of summarizing some of what I’ve been thinking about, which has influenced the last post.

We don’t know the answers to the above questions. We do have a future to move toward. But we need courage to get there.

And sometimes that means the courage to stand in our fear and anger of the situation.

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