Here We Meet — #NaPoWriMo Day 29

Take a moment and put aside what there
is to put aside. Take a breath. Exhale.

Another. Exhale. Breathe naturally.

We’ve been gathering this since the
first moment we came to be. I’ve brought
my yesterdays to the place where we meet
– where our breaths intersect.

Outside of time. Beyond the boundaries of place.
We meet, and all of the things that
shaped us, together, mingle. What are
yours doing to me — right now — as I write
these words? Mine to you?

I’m reminded of the words of Alden Nowlan,
As long as you read this poem
I will be writing it.

And I wonder just how useful any of this is.
Yet I feel compelled. Compelled by the grace
of another breath and the honor of being
met in this way. And I wonder where this
ends up — a journey beyond what can be

Take a breath with me, will you?

Do you notice a tightness? What else?
For me, there’s a holding, mid-torso.


Here we are. In our lives. Together for perhaps
just this moment. Somehow I knew it could
happen. And for that I’m grateful. It’s not
possible to know for sure, or to prove one
way or another, but it seems life just won’t
be the same.

For all it’s ever been is ongoingly different.


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