Three Movements (Incomplete) — #NaPoWriMo Day 15


  1. Sitting in the darkness — bathed in light
    Obscured by the clarity hidden from sight
    Through the forest trees the sky invites
    Telling the kind of truth we know we might
    Words won’t leave us without a fight
    Have mercy, oh heavens!, for those in this plight
    Look deep within for what is right
    Settled in darkness — bathed in light

  2. It’s easy to believe we know what we see
    Looked up from a particular geography
    Oriented toward our favorite deity
    Let favors be granted, from him or she
    Yet the world holds before us great mystery
    Knocking down each and every philosophy
    Circumventing the endless prophecies
    It’s easy — don’t believe! — to know what you see

Inspired by this photo from Kabir Kadre


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