Some thoughts from the lawn

The tree across the street is in full bloom — beautiful. My yard is a prison of sorts, protecting me from the virus, and preventing me from hugging some dear ones. The birds are coming back. My dog is bathing in the sun. The death toll will rise today. We still don’t have a plan. Uncertainty is the ruler of this house we find ourselves in. We’re together in this but many are more vulnerable. I have a yard and work I can do from a computer. I don’t know what it’s like to be afraid to put on a mask — when it was always a risk to leave the house, but now the possibility of losing ones life has gone up. Exponentially? Not sure.

Life has always been a paradox. Never more clearly than today. Life and death are friends, not enemies. We’ve always been swimming in disproportionately unequal waters. Our hearts can break every minute of every day if we let them. We probably should do we can know what it means to heal from a broken heart. We can get stronger in that place. We can learn to live our lives in that place, and, this, in another.

The tree across the street is in full bloom. The death count will rise today.

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