A prayer

How many more things about COVID-19 can a person read? We have just begun this journey together, a journey that no one knows the length of. What we can know is that we are in it together. This isn’t something that can be avoided.

Many will lose (and have lost) their lives. Let us hold them in our hearts.

Many will lose (and have lost) their work. Let us find ways to lift them up and support them.

Many are isolated from loved ones, some of whom they don’t know if they will see again. May we reach for them, offering our hearts and open connection.

Many are at risk of adjacent challenges — be it related to a medical condition or financial situation. May we keep them in mind as we call out to our elected bodies, encouraging them to do the work of government: supporting the people.

We are all here together in this — even if we are forced apart. May we find our way toward a new world, one where we each matter to one another.

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