Love Story

T story starts with this Instagram post. There are 11 posts in total. Read it, then come back.

I don’t know, but here’s what I read: a story about the truth of the human heart. A story about the decisions that people make when they have no other choice. From deciding to rob a bank to deciding to be good and do right to deciding to escape to deciding to commit your life to love. And to your wife who took your name — Love.

The power of this story is in the ways that the world leads us to these choice points. We all encoutner them. We don’t all end up in situations like this — far from it. But we all end up with choice points that lead us to decisions that are based on the realities” of the systems that we live within. Many call these realities” pragmatic or practical. That’s fine. They can seem that way.

They can also be the choice-less choice. The choice thrust upon us.

It’s nice to see what can unfold when a story such as this turns to love. Or, in this case, turns into Love.

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