Slow down

Let’s return to pace. At what pace might a year move? If we’re not careful, the pace can be set outside — by work demands, or the energies of politics, world affairs, even family. I’ve been noticing this, but didn’t quite realize it. Until yesterday.

I was listening to Rob Bell’s podcast — the RobCast — where he was speaking with Alexander John Shaia on many topics. At some point, Alexander mentioned that he needed to pull over to the side of the road (metaphorically, of course) in order to devote his energy to creating this year. Basically, he said, he had to come to all but a stop so that he could let the things he wants to — needs to? — create catch up to him.

I almost pulled over myself1.

I really struck me: wow, it’s past mid-February and much of what I’d hoped to be connected to in this year is floating somewhere behind me. It needs catching up. I need to slow down.

So that’s a focus I’m bringing into my days right now. Feeling back to that. Slowing down. Finding the pace that this year (and this day, and this blog post, and this moment) is asking for.

Working to meet it.

  1. I was actually driving while listening. So, not a metaphor.

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