We have a meeting later. We spent hours planning it. Then, in the midst of a last minute conversation, through the whole thing out (kind of) and landed on something quite different. This happens all the time, actually. What were we planning exactly? One way to look at it is through the lens of a kind of inevitability. We’ll get there, we figure, but first we need to go through all of this. What the this’ is may not have any real relationship to the there’, at least not explicitly. Yet, one required the other. Even more, when it’s time to actually have the meeting, the odds that it will end up different than what we came up with are, well, high.

This is actually what I like about the work — really any work1.

Planning, well, planning takes us places we couldn’t really plan for.

  1. Including a lot of what happens in this space; I’m often surprised by where things end up.

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