Capacity — some unfinished thoughts

I was talking to a friend today about the paradox of being excited about the potential this year brings (well, for me), and the anxiety that I feel about what is unfolding in the world. Between the fires in Australia, and the tensions rising in the Middle East, it’s easy to feel anxiety. Indeed, checking in with folks, it seems to be a pretty common feeling right now. I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced this kind of polarity in quite this way, to be honest. Something about this year feels different. Feels new.

As we were talking, it seemed to me that one of the most significant things that we’re being invited to, together, is to build our capacity. Our capacity to be with the news of the world — to not turn away from it. While recognizing that we can only do what we can do. None of us can save the world, but we can each do the work necessary to make sure that there is some light in our corner of the world. We can be in the inquiries necessary to unearth the ways the systems of oppression live within us, and the ways that we are trained to turn a blind eye. It means bringing laughter, as well as sitting with the pain and sadness.

There’s more to say here, but it’s not coming through at the moment. This will have to do on this blustery Monday afternoon.

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