What are they, exactly? For years, I’ve thought of the beginning of the year as a great time to set intentions. Mornings are also a nice time to put an intention into the center of the day. But what are they really? I found myself reflecting on this question this morning. Here is what came to me: intentions are prayers that we make to our future self. A prayer that asks that self to hold what is sacred in this moment as sacred when their turn comes.

An intention — a prayer — that emerges from the heart is imbued with vales. Meaning, it has value. The opportunity, as we move through our day, our year, is to meet the prayer again and again anew. To meet it with practice.

This led to another thought: practice is the conversation between the prayer and our values. This is the path of integrity.

I’m noticing that the posts I’ve put up here so far in 2020 are largely unfinished thoughts. Indeed, some of have been identified as such. Well, that’s just how it is at the moment, I suppose. I’m currently in an inquiry around this project, and with the whole writing project as a whole. I’m sure there will be more on that at some point. In the meantime, this is what (and how) it is.

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