More on Shapes

I wrote some thoughts on the shapes that make up a life. Looking at the longitude if dep time tells us that these shapes will shift and change. The true shape of life is shapeless.

Yet what if the shape of a day? How do we hold that — a timeframe that is measureable, and that we experience often? I found myself in this inquiry today. What came to me was that the shape is informed by a few categories:

  • Ground and Settle: Both in the form of opening the day, as well as a space to return to again, and again, this means to create the inner space to move through the day with foundation.
  • Produce: This is about letting the energy that’s moving through me generate itself in a form — this might be writing or doing my work; perhaps it’s sketching.
  • Learn: Stay fresh, let something in, expand.
  • Move: Engage the body regularly, feel it and let the energy within it express itself.
  • Connect: to Self, others, and the world.

As I sit with these, I see how my day can flex and flow in a way that is nourishing, and supporting the journey I’m on.

Curious to see how this shape shifts.

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