I knew that my posting here had become a bit sporadic, but I’m only now realizing that it’s been a week since I’ve put anything into this space! I’m not sure that means anything more than I’ve been quite busy lately, but it might. As I sat down to write today, I was thinking that this might very well be the final post of 2019. Partly because the holiday that will take my time and attention into being with my little family, and partly because I want to think about how I use this space.

I find the end of a year to be a perfect time to reflect, inquire, and, mostly, to listen. Listening, I think, is going to be a core part of my movement into 2020, a year that I think will be challenging for most of us in many ways. There is a lot for us to listen to — our hearts and sprits, our bodies, each other, the trees and other beings that occupy the world with us, the stars. Working to develop the capacity to hear the whispers of the quiet voices, the voices that invite us toward new possibilities, toward one another, especially over the cacophony of negativity. Why are negative voices so loud? I wish I knew, but they surely are.

It’s my wish for us all that the unfolding holiday season, and the rapidly approaching new year, bring us all connection, healing, and the space to listen to what seeks to be born with and through us.

May all beings be happy. May all beings find peace. May all beings know they are loved.


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