Where two or more are gathered

The space between people is the space where the magic happens. We connect, we create, we explore. The opportunities are endless. One thing that is beautiful: you can do this on your own. What happens in between you and the very many versions of you? What unfolds?

Yet, to hold the idea that it’s always between us and us would be a bit nuts, right? We are almost always in relationship with others. And it is in those relationships that the world unfolds. It must be within them that the world can be changed. If we only slowed down enough to notice.

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Wake up Last night I joined a small group of people who are dedicated to ending racism in what will be the first of many meetings. We got personal. We sang.
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Pace Today is my birthday. I decided to make it a quiet day so as to reflect and give myself some space. We’re having a spate of great weather here in