Earlier today I found myself writing about the Mystery’, by which I mean existence itself; this endlessly fascinating thing called life. It’s easy to overlook, but it’s ever present. As I wrote while in pure stream of consciousness: it’s in every meeting, every hug, every piece of live theater. Essentially, we swim in it. And so often we don’t notice it, let alone acknowledge it. Yet it’s present.

I’ve written about this before. A couple times. I’m starting to see more how important it is to me. Important enough to want to find a way to center it more in what I’m doing. What that means will have to reveal itself.

For now, I leave you with the questions: what if we felt into this mystery in our moment-to-moment existence1? What if we let it guide us? How would we be with our fellow beings if this mystery were alive for us?

Interesting pondering as we enter into a time of gratitude — and a season of introspection.

  1. How would that be for mindfulness?

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