Finding the path that seeks to be found

A few months ago, I posted a little piece titled Elevations. It was a mostly spur of the moment introduction to one of the things I tend to think about when I support my clients. Today, I find myself thinking about this again, though it’s actually much more personal this time around.

Looking ahead at the coming year, I find myself thinking about what I want to build. I was in a coaching session yesterday talking about this, and what became clear to me was that by thinking about accessing the right elevation in what is important to me, I could find my way to building the most relevant thing in the most relevant way. This means not starting with the question what do I want to build?” Rather, finding the question to begin with. The elevation exercise becomes about that.

Abstract? Certainly. But in the end, it’s not about answering some pre-determined question. It’s about finding the path that is seeing to be found.

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