Natural state of mind

Today I’ve been thinking about my mind. I know I’ve written in the past a bit about how I’d love to retrain my mind to be more focused, more present1. As I was thinknig about this earlier today, it ocured to me that it is in many ways the wrong way to think of it. Much as I wrote about pace the other day, I think the mind has a natural state — a state that becomes obscured when put into environments designed to pull the mind into different states.

Our entire world (largely) has become an environment pulling the mind into being rather stagnant. We are put into loops — grooves — the keep us relatively the same. There’s plenty written on this about how Facebook does this, for example. That said, I think it’s just about everywhere. And digital devices are largely the culprits (there’s more to it than that, but it’s an easy go to). Take the mind out of those environments, and it will eventually return to its natural state.

What does that look like? It’s creative. It connects with others. It expands itself. It moves toward novelty. It moves toward its own enlightenment.

The natural state of mind sounds pretty good.

  1. Somewhere in the archives there are some little bits on this. I don’t have the space to go digging for them now.

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