This is amazing

A woman I follow on Instagram — Carrie Mallon — poster this graphic a bit ago. Here is the caption:

You are entirely a star child!✨ Today in thank you internet” I came across the lyrics to All Star’ by Smash Mouth after they’ve been translated to Aramaic and then back to English and they are GLORIOUS. Credit to Isaac Mayer for the translation, I made this image because these words bring me immense joy and I wanted to share them with an appropriately majestic cosmic backdrop. 🎶 #thankyouinternet

And here is the text in the image:

Behold currently!
You are entirely a star child!
Begin your power! Go! Laugh!

Behold currently!
You are a master of the music!
Begin your singing. Acquire your wages!

All that sparkles is gold,
comets alone shatter the frame.

I love this so much.

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