A bit on wholeness

Our wholeness is an intrinsic part of our reality. We are born whole and we shall die whole. Our lives can be lived, unfortunately, in spaces between that wholeness. Our experiences shape both our perceptions of our lives and our physiology, both of which impact our capacity to be in our wholeness. I think in this, we experience a loss. Parts of ourselves get put into the shadows, onto the back burner, or rejected outright. We like to think of ourselves as powerful enough to be able to banish a part of ourselves. Yet, we are not. All we can do is, as they say in shadow work, hide, repress, or deny. This can’t make us less whole than we are.

What’s the point here? I’m thinking a lot about this as I do my own healing in life. As I go, I notice, more and more, that what I’m really doing is reclaiming something that’s always been present. It’s like accepting that I’m wearing a hat that I’ve always worn. Perhaps now I’ll care for it a bit differently.

The hardest part, I think, is that our physiology is truly shaped by our traumas. It makes it so we literally can’t experience certain things — certain parts of ourselves. This requires a level of work to connect with and move through that is challenging. But there is a light. The light at the end, in this case, is something that’s always been present regardless. It’s the light of our soul waiting for us, beckoning us to rejoin the place we belong — home.

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