There’s something more for each of us than what we’ve been told. There’s a birthright that includes levels of joy and pleasure waiting around the corner. No. Not around the corner — right in front of us. Rather, beneath our feet. It’s a way of living life that is so full, from floor to ceiling, side to side, that we may even be unable to stand it.

This is a truth as sure as any truth ever spoke, of this I’m sure. The secret, of course isn’t easy, it it is simple. If we can only pay attention. If we can only trust enough to let go. If we can only see who we are.

This is what Love looks like.

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Here’s a bit about today When I woke up this morning, I thought I was going to write a bit today on the Chelsea Handler documentary that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.
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Enough Watch this. It is Greta Thunberg’s remarks this morning at the UN climate summit. She is right. We have betrayed her generation. We have failed