I have a confession. I’m writing this in the future. Rather, for the past. It’s the 16th of September, but I wanted to make up for something.

One year ago, on September 15, 2018, I decided to leap into posting to this site. My initial commitment was to post one thing a day for 30 days. I did not do that. But I kept going. By my count, this is my 273rd post. 243 if you don’t count the #NaPoWriMo poems from April (where I did post a poem a day for 30 days…in addition to my other poems).

There are things I’ve posted that I’m quite proud of. There are things that are pretty bad. Mostly, I’m grateful for this practice and for sticking with it. It’s been eye opening for me.

What I’d like to do in this next year of regular posting is get clearer on what the through line is, and what can be done with these things. Oh, and to actually start to find the audience.

If a person posts a bunch of short writings and a poem to a website, and no one is around to read it, did it make a sound?

Happy one year1, Liberat.es.

  1. If belated.

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