Hearing the Muse

I had the good fortune to see the creator of a favorite Instagram profile speak this morning. She was presenting at the Seattle chapter of Creative Mornings on the subject of the Muse. It was a lot of fun to hear her talk about her experience literally stumbling into what she is doing. She shared her story and a bit about her background and then offered some advice for how one might find their inspiration. It was lovely.

Afterwards, I found myself writing in my journal You don’t look for your passions; you open to them. The Muse doesn’t come and hand you something, she waits until you are paying attention.”

And then I made this little (admittedly super cheesey) observation: attention — tension…both are necessary for the creative pursuit.

One of the things I love about the Seattle Walk Report is that it is driven by attention, while also being driven by a full openness. It gives us a wonderful map to what it means to let the Muse speak to us.

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