True north

Do you ever wonder what true north is? What is guiding you? This is pretty common for me. I’m not someone who figured out years ago exactly what I wanted to do with my life like some have. I had a girlfriend who decided early on what she was going to do, and she did it. And she’s still doing it to my knowledge. She was quite content, I remember. It was like that part of life was just figured out. That’s never been the case for me1.

It’s taken me quite a while to get to a place that’s (mostly) okay with that. Afterall, our neo-liberal capitalist society kind of expects each of us to define ourselves by what we will do with our lives. But I’ve been finding that in some ways the true north for me is the journey itself. It’s in becoming more and more present to that.

I wonder how many of the people in the world that are feeling lost are feeling that way, not because the can’t figure out what to do’ with themselves, but because they can’t let go of the story that the have to.

  1. This actually isn’t 100% true, though the plan that I had in mind was only adjacently connected to what was in my heart. That, I think, is really a post for another time.

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